Hey, girlfriends: what do you call trinkets and other mementos that remind you from sad times in your life?

Well, I coined a word for them — “miserabilia”. Like so many other words, it comes from the Latin — “misery” or “miserable”.

Okay, I lied about that one. Still, some of us still have them in drawers or jewelry boxes, somewhere, never to be worn again.

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings — even rings.  We happen onto these relics from “other lives” while we are rummaging for something else:  loose change or  forgotten $100 bills.

Yeah. Those.

So, what do you do with them? Wear them, anyway, thinking, “They are mine. So, what the heck?”  Hold your breath and pitch them into the  “give-away” pile? Sell them at garage sales? Relegate them to deep, dark drawers. Find a way to turn old into new?

And what about those “selfies” of you and ol’ “Mr. Wrong”? Before my husband and I married, I exorcised those suckers as fast as my finger could delete, delete, delete and freed some space to store a lifetime of happy memories with my “Mr. Right”.

Yes, some memories are worth re-visiting. Other memories — and trinkets — are best forgotten, in favor of  newer and happier ones with your soul mate.

So, ladies, what did you do with baubles from other beaux?


MAN ON BOARD, PART II: Sometimes You Just “Know”.


Since the weekend we met,  my relationship with Jeff has zip-lined along. At first, caring friends, who had seen me hurt, advised me to take things slowly.

“Be careful,” they urged. “Get to know each other, first.”

And Jeff and I did just that, talking on the phone, chatting on Zoosk, and text messaging into the wee hours. We lived forty-five miles apart, yet, with each day, we became more emotionally intimate. Although I had been a night owl, I was able to slip into a sweet sleep, dreaming of his arms around me. 

Since “Jeff and I”  became “us”, everything has fallen into place. Convinced that God led us to each other, we started talking about marriage.

Last Friday, January 17, as we strolled the aisles at Dallas Market Center, we discovered J.C. Jewelers.

“Hey, babe, let’s see if they’ll size us,” I suggested.

Sure enough, the couple at the booth measured our fingers. I was a seven,and Jeff, a ten. Seeing wedding bands nestled in velvet-lined cases, we tried on one ring after the other and marveled how wedding band designs had  changed. One even had a little chain for a bored spouse to twirl around. Another was a skull with glowing ruby eyes. Jeff and I traded amused looks.

Skulls? Really?

After  trying on five or more styles, we settled on a  pair of brushed, silver, Triton bands, guaranteed to withstand the toughest of marriages.

As we hurried out to the pickup, we huddled against blistering wind whipping around us. Before Jeff pulled back onto the road, he stopped and gazed at me in wonder.

“Girl, do you realize we just bought wedding rings? Wedding rings! I  thought I’d never buy another one of those, again!”

I placed my hand on his and whispered.  “I know. Neither did I.”

We were in the best possible kind of shock.

Now, it’s been a little over a month since we met.  That may seem short, but we have found out more about each other than some couples learn in a lifetime.  Our relationship is built on love, respect, and trust. Shoot, we even like each other!

The wedding is only six weeks away, and we can hardly wait.  This time, we just “know”.

So,  ladies, how did you “just know” you had found the one? I’d love to hear from you.

Stay tuned for “Man On Board, Part III”.