LEAF IT, PART 2: Plant Yourself On The Leaf It ‘Tree’


In Leafit, Part 1, “Money Does Grow On Trees”, I covered the perks of the Leafit mobile app: checking prices, finding stores, and earning commissions.

Yes, you heard me right. You get paid. If someone on  Facebook or Twitter sees the item you posted and purchases it via  Leafit’s “It” app, then Leafit pays you.

Want an example? Okay, let’s say you just got engaged. While perusing Pinterest for wedding dresses, you happen upon the dress  of your dreams. So, you access the Leafit app on your smartphone, tap the product or tag it by writing words that describe it by brand,  and post it to Facebook. If another starry-eyed bride-to-be buys that gown by clicking your posted picture — BOOM! — Leafit pays you.

As if getting paid for your own posts isn’t tantalizing enough, there is a way you can also earn a commission for the posts of others. You can join as a member at no cost. That’s right — you can join for free.

So, how do you get your free app? The “It” app for Apple products is due to be released sometime in early August. Get your free activation membership through my website  http://leafit.biz/opajeff. If you have an Android, you can expect to see the app available some time this September.

Want more information? Click on the YouTube link below or copy and paste it to your browser


Jeff and I work as part-time Leafit Associates, The app is free, but you have to receive it as a gift from someone. That’s where I come in. Please click on my Leafit site below, view the “app demo” and plant yourself on my Leafit tree for free.

The Leafit It app works worldwide





“Snap it. Tag it. Post it – It Pays You!”

As I explored the  Leafit web site, my brain short-circuited, thinking of the possibilities.

Ooooh, I thought, as a shiver raced up and down my spine.  I can definitely do this.

My husband, Jeff, and I are Facebook regulars. Everywhere we go, we “check in” — even at Wal-Mart. Naturally,  I started wondering – what if we got paid for our posts?

Enter Leaf it, a mobile app resulting from the merger of social networking and e-commerce. iPhone users can download the free app from iTunes, starting this weekend. In September, Android users can find it on Google Play.

Leafit’s platform represents over 19,000 retailers and millions of products including Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Sony, and many others. It appeals to an expansive variety of shoppers and their interests. With this free app, fashion-forward females can price Jimmy Choo shoes. Movie buffs can find state-of-the-art television screens.  Carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, or homeowners can shop for drills, spigots, or monkey wrenches. Bookworms can purchase the latest James Patterson or Stephen King “nail-biters”.

Yep, you get the idea. Almost everything.

After you find your item, snap a picture of yourself with your “hearts desire” or grab the picture off the Internet. Then tag your picture and post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social network. When your  connections click on that picture, they will see the item you tagged. If they choose to buy that item as a result of seeing your post, you have just earned a commission from Leafit.

So whether you want to check prices, shop stores, or post pictures, check out the following link. See what Leafit can do for you.  http://leafit.biz/opajeff

See the demo video on my Leafit web site.



Any questions?



WANACon 2013, Day One of A Writer’s Dream

My own munchies
My own munchies


Love the thrill of writing conferences but not the hassles or expense?  Yearn for reclining seats? Would you attend more of those  shindigs if  you could shun Spanx for pajamas?

Well, thanks to Kristen Lamb and Chad Carver,  I did all that and more on February 22-24 at WANACon 2013.

The first-ever of its kind, WANACon 2013 united writers worldwide by offering the best of both experiences: the “feel” of a traditional conference, complete with a “lobby” (chat-room) so real that I  forgot it was virtual. Thanks to “Tech Surgeon”, Jay Donovan, the WANA International website with its BBB (Big Blue Button) rocked with activity! Also, with Jami Gold’s expert moderation, each presentation flowed seamlessly.

A college English professor who teaches night classes, I look forward to sleeping in on Friday. was different. Up at 6:00 a.m., I jumped into  my sweats, fed and walked my dog, and fixed breakfast. I didn’t want to be tardy to the first class, 7:00 a.m. (Texas time). Settled into my recliner with Cuppa number-two,  I logged onto WANACon.  and let the inspiration happen.

Counting one seminar in Digital Room B, reserved for pitches to agents,  all eight presentations were top-shelf. Among them, I’ll focus on five I found especially  helpful on the first day of this all-out write-a-rama:

First, at 7:00 a.m, Jared Kuritz’s “Publishing 101” enlightened me to the costs of  traditional, self, and independent publishing. In fact, the stats about traditional publishing sent me staggering!

At noon, while mainlining peanut-butter from jar to mouth,  I tuned into Joshua Graham’s  “Indie versus Traditional Publishing” seminar.  He must have been a fly on the wall of my brain, knowing that I have flirted  with going Indie. His notes, entailing the pluses and minuses of indie versus traditional, even included a  third option: ‘hybrid” publishing — a mix of traditional and indie.

At 4:00 p.m, Candace Havens, with her exuberant, can-do attitude, exploded onto my big-screen t.v. Her keynote address, “Dream Big.”  After meeting her at DFW Writers Conference, I remembered her “Fast Draft” and “Revision Hell” presentations as “standing-room only”. With her coaching, I will  gag that  old  “English-teacher-prune” and listen to my subconscious brain, instead.

At 6:00-7:30, agent Helen Zimmerman offered her expertise in  “How To Find an Agent”. With a relaxed and approachable manner, she shared advice about pitching to an agent and composing a query.

Topping off the night, Jenny Hansen presented the Cliff’s Notes version of “LinkedIn: Your Professional Identity”.  A LinkedIn member, already, I noted changes to make in my own profile.

After a brief chat in the lobby, I turned in. Friday had been an all-out write-a-rama, I drifted dreaming of the goodies Saturday would bring.

Sound inviting? For more information about Kristen Lamb, WANA International, and WANACon, follow the links in this blog.  So, writers and readers, what would your  dream conference look like?

HUMOROUS HOW-TO’S, PART 21: Warning, Ideas Ahead!

English: Red Pinterest logo
English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“I’m just going to check my email, and then I’ll get to work.”

Happens to many of us, these days.  Let’s face it, technology’s exciting stuff.  As if Facebook or Twitter aren’t distracting enough, along comes Pinterest. Here is my next guest, Jolenna with her thoughts.


Pinterest is to time what a dryer is to socks – it’s a worm-hole to another dimension. It’s a whole new loop in the space-time continuum. It’s the land of the creative ideas, simple recipes, photos, science, and things that make you smile. You name it and there’s a picture of it here. Most people don’t realize this when they first start using the site; others — like me — were warned but were unbelievers. Notice I use past tense here. Once you begin, you believe.

In case you were wondering, Pinterest claims to be just a website. It looks ordinary and harmless. You would never guess it’s a window — no, no — a doorway — no, even more –it’s an invitation with a magic-carpet ride into that other-world-like dimension. Their disclaimer simply says “Pinterest is an online pinboard. Organize and share things you love.” What could possibly be wrong with that? How could that be the least bit dangerous to your schedule? Yes, I hear the doubt in your voice. I hear the assurance that “it can’t be that bad”. Maybe you’ll start to understand a little of what I mean when I explain how Pinterest is best used.

So, of course, you go to the above website and you create an account. Then, you look around. Under the word Pinterest at the top of the homepage, you’ll see options. Usually at least four are listed, categories — everything — popular — gifts. However, for a limited time, only another option is listed, “30 Days of Pinspiration”. On your home page, you create a “board”. If you’re not sure of what kind of board you might like to have, then you can find your friends that are using Pinterest. Oh, yes, they may not admit to you where they came up with the tasty recipe you loved at the potluck, or share any of their home-made candles, but now you’ll know. You can have a board about anything and everything.  Food? Why stop at just one board? I have eight for food alone. Cute puppies,kittens,  and barn animals? Yes, yes, and yes. Create a board for it,and then another,  and then another because it deserves more than just one. Books you’ve read, are interested in reading, or just like the title of, and put it on a board.  Interested in flowers? Of course, create a board for flowers. But, then, as you’re looking for flowers, you’ll realize you like the layout for a garden, maybe a garden bench, or an item in the garden. Well, then, doesn’t all that deserve its own board?  And, of course, as you’re looking at the gardening, there are the supplies. You’ll need compost, fertilizer, mulch, bug repellant for the plants and yourself. Maybe all that gets its own board, but maybe you’ll combine your garden shed needs with other helpful tools that you didn’t realize you needed until you saw them here. You don’t want to use poison on the garden or on yourself, so why not make your own bug sprays? Yes, now you can. But wait, there’s more. Since you’re now making your own natural homemade bug sprays, maybe some of these supplies can be used to make other things. Yes, yes, they can, as a matter of fact. You can use the essential oils in everything from candles to body scrubs to lip balms. Chapstick? No, thank you. Who knows what chemicals are actually in that? Your stuff will be so much better because you know what’s in it. But it’s not just your lips that are chapped; no, your skin is drying out, too, so why not make some body lotions, body butter, body scrub, and even your own shampoo?

Need a gift for any occasion? You’ll find so many ideas and neat things to make that you’ll start inventing holidays to give them away. It’s not just the gifts you’ll see and make, though. No, this is Pinterest, home of…everything. Make your gift, make the gift wrap; learn to be the perfect host; add a sprig of something seasonal; make the perfect card or poem to go with it ,and then make a few extra for those last-minute gift-giving moments that sneak up on you.

As you can see, Pinterest is a fun step…no, leap…into the webosphere. It’s a powerful tool that can be addicting as the sugar-filled recipes you’ll find there. I have shown you but a glimpse of Neverland and have posted the “here there be monsters” sign. Use this knowledge wisely.