ON THE ROAD AGAIN: “Winding toward Wimberley on the Square”

June 6

Wimberley on the Square

I’ve wanted to explore Wimberley  and its shops since I heard about it, three years ago. As a hard-core shopper, I had yearned to see and experience it to its fullest.  At last, since we were in the general vicinity of it, Jeff and I day-tripped over there on June 6.  True to its reputation, Wimberley on the Square offered far more than I expected.

For any of you who want to scope out this picturesque shopping mecca, it is nestled in the hills on Ranch Road 12, near Dripping Springs. This little town holds something for everyone who loves one-of-a-kind clothing, accessories, toys, or home furnishings, or for anyone drawn to boutiques or restaurants. In fact, the only “disappointment” was that we got there later and has less time to spend, that afternoon, than we had hoped.

First on the docket was The Old Mill Store, which offered a cornucopia of souvenirs, toys, and boutique items. I found a mint-green tee-shirt emblazoned with “Ranch Road 12 — Wimberley, Texas” on the front and back. So, I snatched it up, thankful I hadn’t squandered the money on a shirt, somewhere else.

Yes, the store had tee-shirts, short-sleeve and long, in every size and color. As if a rainbow of teeshirts in a wide range of sizes weren’t enough, we found vats of Blue Bell Ice Cream in at least eight different flavors in a case at the back of the store.

Blue Bell. Whoa. Time for a break, already. Our double-scoop cups piled high with strawberry ice cream (for Jeff) and Triple Chocolate  with Cookies and Cream (for me) deserved our full attention while we savored  every creamy spoonful we poked into our waiting mouths.

But, sad to say, all tasty things eventually come to an end. Gathering up our napkins, spoons, and cups, we dumped them into the trash and explored the rest of the store where the merchandise got pricier toward the back. Handcrafted handbags, imported gold and silver jewelry, “statement” pieces for the home, and handcrafted toys were only some of what we saw. One toy that fascinated me was a hand-carved kaleidoscope that held me spellbound with its endless variations of colors and patterns.

The next store I took in, while Jeff took a business call, was one called The Gypsy Market specializing in Bohemian fashion including long skirts, scarves, bags, and jewelry that you just will not find in mainstream stores. I purchased a “Broken Stones” ring. The single multi-colored stone was actually made up of several broken and pieced back together in a whole new creation set in Peruvian silver.

By the time I left The Gypsy Market, store owners were beginning to lock up for the day. I had time for only one more shop, so I breezed into the Queen Bee where I found Chala and Montana West handbags, a long teal scarf in a yellow peacock pattern,  Kenny Ma jewelry, and an assortment of dips and salsas all made in Texas.

Hadt, we  these and other gracious merchants been willing to stay open at least one or two more hours, I’d have been glad to relieve them of a few pieces of inventory so they wouldn’t have to keep track of them. Yes, I’m that kind of “giver”.  Alas, we had a newly-shorn dog back “home” and growling stomachs, to boot. Jeff had promised that, before we left New Braunfels, we would have some German food, so we stopped at Friesenhaus.

Now, as we batten the hatches on our RV and prepare to drive down to the Texas gulf coast, we have only to remember the time we spent with family and the sights we saw in New Braunfels, Gruene, Wimberley, Landa Park, and many other attractions. Although we couldn’t see it all, especially the Snake Farm Zoo on Interstate 35, What we didn’t see this time around will definitely be a sight worth returning for in the future.

Do you like to travel? What is one of your favorite towns to explore? What is it about that town that keeps you returning for more? Let us know! Jeff and I are always up for a  road trip to a town we haven’t been to.

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