MY QUEST FOR FISH TACOS: Redfish Willie’s To The Rescue

June 8

Aransas Pass

I’ve looked forward to this part of our most excellent journey for two weeks. We are now on the coast — my most favorite place on earth to visit. And, since we’re here, my mouth is screaming for  fish tacos. But as we cruise the town for the “restaurant most likely”, the only ones our naked eyes can see are McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Wing Stop, and quite a few Mexican restaurants, none of which I would trust with my specialized craving.

So, here’s the point at which I whip out my trusty phone and Google “Restaurants in Aransas Pass”. Just as I thought, as Google’s list unfurled, until I see a place called Redfish Willie’s Waterfront Grill, located on the marina.

“Betcha they would have fish tacos,” I tell Jeff. “And the marina is easy to find. It would be the place with boats in the water.”

“Okay. Where is it?”

Just finding the place makes us giggle, as we make one wrong turn after the other.

“Great. Reckon it’s even still there? Reckon Google’s playing a trick on us?” I muse out loud.

“Or it’s now a bar full of big ol’ ugly dudes I’d have to whup,” Jeff quips.

With my iPhone in his left hand and the steering wheel in the right, Jeff turns this way and that until we finally arrive at the marina and an expanse of cement.

“Um…reckon this is a road?”

“Try it and see. What do we have to lose?”

So we follow the  cement “road” to a boat storage building. It seems to stop right there until we press onward out of sheer curiosity and — voila! — find that Google really was telling us the truth. There, before us, stands an indoor/outdoor restaurant and a sign saying “Redfish Wilie’s”. Also true, the restaurant is most certainly located on a waterfront.

“Welcome to Redfish Willie’s,” says a cheerful brunette who introduces herself as Jade. “Would you like to sit inside or out?”

Jeff and I look at each other. “In there,” I answer.

As she directs us to a table, a friendly server named Debbie greets us and hands us a menu.

“What can I bring y’all out to drink?”

“I’ll have a beer,” Jeff says.

“And I’ll try a Bloody Mary,” I add, feeling adventurous.

As we study simple black-and-white paper menus, I point out to Jeff that, Redfish Willie’s does indeed offer tacos made with either fish or shrimp. After Debbie tells us that the “house” fish is redfish, I order my tacos with blackened redfish; Jeff orders a basket of fried  shrimp and fish.

After we have been sipping our drinks for awhile, Debbie presents our food. Seeing three soft, corn tortilla tacos heaped with blackened fish and cilantro with a mango garnish, I spoon the mixture onto the first taco, bite into it, and close my eyes, as I savor the combination of flavors: sweet mango, piquant cilantro , and smoky seasoning that instantly sends me to my “happy place”.

While we dine,  I  watch the people and take in the sights and the feel of the place. Red, yellow, and blue “Rock the Dock”  tee-shirts hang outside the bar. Couples lean back, swirl their wine glasses, and relax. Families who appear to be on vacation sit back and enjoy their children. For the most part, no one is dressed up. Shorts, tee-shirts, and flip-flops appear to be the unofficial mode of dress.

As we pop the last bites of shrimp or fish into our mouths, crumple our napkins, and push back our plates, Debbie comes around to tell us about the new pastry chef. The one who makes outstanding asparagus soup. One and the same one who concocts to-die-for almond tarts and Oreo pie.

“Have you two saved room for dessert?”

At first, we say no. At first. Then, our resolve weakens. We trade grins that we know mean “Here we go…again!”

“Hey, babe, how  about sharing something? Then we would get only half as fat.”

As Debbie promised, the small pie with its creamy chocolate center, slivered almond top, and mini-scoops of ice cream with chocolate syrup is perfect, in size and substance.

After paying the bill and giving both Debbie and Jade my business card and the address to KimTerrysBlog, we thank both women. Jeff snaps off a picture of Jade, Debbie, and me before we leave with full tummies and satisfied minds.

We plan to return to Redfish Willie’s, soon. That’s a fact. We’re already planning what we’ll order next time. But more important is that  I want to share this marina restaurant with you.

What and where was the last restaurant you discovered? Jeff and I would love to try it ourselves and, I’m sure, so would other readers. I love reading your comments. Please post them immediately below this post by scrolling down to the “Comments” box.

Stay tuned for our next adventure. There’s just no telling what we two crazy “vintage honeymooners” will get into next.




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