When I was a child, I loved buying brand-new  Crayolas, particularly in boxes of twenty-four, forty-eight, or sixty-four. Whether I colored in a coloring book or just on a sketch pad, as I did when we vacationed in Colorado, I loved sprawling out on the floor and coloring.

Recently, experts have recognized a connection between coloring, stress relief, and meditation. One term they bandied about was Mindfulness.

This trend has ushered in a new app called Colorfy with digital pages to color with a palette of digital crayons. This app offers mandalas, animals, patterns, florals, messages, exotic designs, famous artwork, cats, gardens, patterns, or other designs. There is even a template that transforms  photos into profiles onto a colored background.

As a writer, I had already seen the adult coloring book concept in author Rachel Funk Heller’s creation, The Writer’s Coloring Book, available on Available on Amazon, this book uses mandalas to help writers such as me develop characters.

Usually, when I’m killing time with my iPhone in my hands, my time-sink of choice has been either Facebook, Solitaire, or maybe Words With Friends or Scrabble, but now — NOW — the Colorfy app has unleashed the artist within me.

Below is one of my earliest “masterpieces” that I created on the day I downloaded Colorfy. Other works of art are available on my Facebook and Social Nucleus pages. If you are so inclined, bop on over there to check out the rest.

Coloring. It was among my top-three childhood joys, right up there with playing dolls, finger-painting, and reading my Little Golden Books library. By the way, what were your top favorite things to do when you were little?



    1. My husband has one of seashells and I have a writer’s coloring book. Glad for the doodle markers, but nothing can replace the actual feel and smell of a brand-new box of Crayolas. Used to be my favorite school supply, as well.

  1. I would just like to mention that as an adult, especially since meeting me, Kim’s favorite things to do have not changed but she has added on to her list. Just saying.

  2. The 64 crayon box was the best! I could spend many hours coloring in pure happiness! So keep coloring on Kim. It’s obvious you have a knack for it. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Karen. Yes, my parents laughed with me on one of our trips into town, during a Colorado camping vacation, when I (at maybe thirteen years old, or so) said, “Well, I’ve been to town and got me a sketch pad and some new Crayolas.” I used to love drawing the mountains!

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