MAC AND ME: Learning Curves Ahead!


A Mac. Until last Monday, I believed owning one of my own was a pipe–dream, a hazy possibility into the future. It was number five on my bucket list. When my Toshiba fell victim to a hostile takeover by a “fake Java”, a dream became deed when a salesman told us that the chances of a nasty virus were slim to none for a Mac.

Two hours later — BOOM! — we were toting out our beloved Mac with a shell and an Apple TV gizmo, to boot

Since toting bouncing baby Mac out of Best Buy on Monday, I’ve been a proud “Mac Mommy” for three days. The smart little booger has already taught me where to click and scroll to do what I need most: school work, novel-writing, and and blog entries.

Being an iPhone and iPad user, I’ve already dipped my toe in “Lake Apple”. Now, I’m ready for the next big adventure: Keynote.. Having become bored with PowerPoint’s designs,  I’m ready for Keynote’s exciting graphics. Want to know the best part? I can still export my brilliiantly-crafted Keynote-generated lectures to  PowerPoint before posting them on my class’s Web Advisor page.

It’s a win-win.

Second, with Mac’s help, I’m learning the finer points of Pages, Apple’s word-processing tool, similar to Microsoft Word. With the help of Pages, I’m learning to revise and edit my novel drafts and save them to my email and the Cloud to work on later.  As with other tools, I’m learning to use it in my own way: by monkeying with it on my own. No manuals, no classes. With any luck, I’ll finish the book, once and for all,  pitch my idea for it to an agent in July, and start working on the next idea.

Third and last, my WordPress blog. On Monday, I knocked out my first Mac-powered blog entry  titled “When It Rains…” about trouble coming in threes. Tonight, when I checked my stats on my iPhone, I noticed that I’m only twenty-five away from reaching ten thousand views! Now, as a newbie Mac user, I’m feeling another blog coming on.

I’m looking forward to a long life with Mac. Schoolwork, writing, social media, Web surfing, online banking and shopping — the list is endless. I know there are a host of tips and tricks to achieving successful Mac-osity.  That said, my fingers are poised over the keys, and my writerly scowl, in place.

Game on!



3 thoughts on “MAC AND ME: Learning Curves Ahead!

  1. Kim, you and I are on the same road girl. I just bought a Macbook a couple of weeks ago. Still trying to figure it out though. I am so not techie savvy. But I download Microsoft word so that I could port my stuff over. And because my editor doesn’t have a Mac, it was recommended that I do so that she can read my MS on her PC. So you’re using pages? Interesting. I’m gonna have to check that out. Don’t you love the feel of the keyboard? And the Mac is so fast! Have fun girl and enjoy! 🙂

    1. Thanks for your remarks, Karen. I, like you, am still figuring out the ins and outs of this machine, but I already love being able to get on and go right after I power it on. I need to download a teacher copy of Microsoft Office (as the man in Best Buy said I could do). I still prefer Word to Pages.

      1. Oh that’s interesting Kim. I didn’t know there was a teacher copy of Microsoft Word for Mac. Word is my wheelhouse also. It’s so hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Lol. But I bought my Mac online, refurbished, through the Apple Store. So I didn’t have the benefit of working with a sales person except over the phone. But I did save a ton of money. And it has the same warranty. I’ll have to look into that. Word for Mac is not the same as the Windows version. And now they make you lease the program rather than buying it outright. What I miss is Irfanview which I used for sizing and cropping pictures for my blog. They don’t make that program for Mac. So I’m on the hunt for something similar. Let me know how you’re coming along. There is a bit of a learning curve with buying a Mac. 🙂

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