You’ve heard bad luck comes in threes? Well, that ain’t even close.

On Saturday, as I was starting in on a draft revision, up popped a message from Java. Version 7 was available. Although I wasn’t pining away for the newest version, I obediently clicked and waited for it to download.

After all, it’s Java. What could go wrong?


Instead of Java downloading successfully, Spyware Clear, a demonic program  barged in and took over, blocking me from anything I was trying to do: downloading an antivirus program,  checking my email and Facebook, but especially uninstalling it and a Weatherbug app  accompanying it.. Although it didn’t seem so, at the time, the screen going dark and staying that way was actually merciful.

“I need a break, anyway,” I thought, as we set out. “My head will be clearer once I come back.”

Well, as Carol Burnett used to say in her skits, “Wrong-o de-dongo.”

Assaulted by its unwelcome company, my laptop’s mood was even worse.. In fact, the slightest attempt to do anything caused it to go gray and useless. I turned it off, and then on, and then off…well, you get the picture, Jeff even attempted a “system restore”, but my poor machine’s “heart” was barely beating.

On Sunday afternoon, we were on our way home from church when Jeff noticed a funky smell in the car. His nose twitched.

“You smelling what I’m smelling?” ..

I couldn’t believe he asked me that. Anyone who knows me also knows that I — Mrs. No-Nose-Hardly — was born smeller-challenged.

: Here we are, married almost a year. Certainly, Jeff must be wise to my ruse; that I married him for his “nose”.

By the time we got home, we were too tired to play “What Stinks?”. We kicked back, watched t.v., and I continued trying to resuscitate the Toshiba, but to no avail.

This afternoon, when I got out of class, we went out again. This time, we decided to plop the wounded laptop in the Geek Squad’s lap.

“That’s a fake version of Java,” a Squad member informed us. “We’ve had a number of complaints about that.”


They could fix it, of course, for upwards of one-hundred dollars. Even with the laptop fixed, we’d still be crossing our fingers. That in mind, we wandered across the building to the new computers. I wanted one as good as, or even better than my erstwhile-trusty Toshiba.

With the help of knowledgeable sales staff, Jeff and I realized we’d eventually have the same problems with another P.C. After I asked the young salesman what he would sell his own  parents (or grandparents), I asked him to show us the Macs. After all, Macs have always been on my bucket list, but I always thought they would not only cost megabucks but also require  a whole new set of gear.

One hour later, we marched out of Best Buy with our bouncing baby MacBook Air and a protective shell in teal, my new favorite color.

As we pulled into our driveway, Jeff  pointed to the AC.

” Coolant. That’s what stinks!”

Thank God, this is February. Although we have had unseasonably warm weather here in Texas, we’re still not through with winter. What will go wrong, next? I’m afraid to say. What I can say, though, is that at least  one of our problems has been solved .

As a matter of fact, I am typing on it.



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