LIVING ON ISLAND TIME, Part 4: “A Wahoo Honeymoon”


7:41 a.m.

Outside our window, rag-doll palm trees submit to whipping coastal wind and rain. Inside, as my soul-mate sleeps, I’m grabbing some time to work on a book and post a blog entry. Since we arrived, on Mother’s Day Sunday, Port A has remained its idyllic self.

Marrying during my semester-from-Hell, Jeff and I have had little time to rewind and recharge. Even Spring Break was eaten up with preparations for my online Comp I class. When Spring 2014 classes socked me between the eyes, there were many days when I yearned for island time. At last, after giving the last final exam, posting grades, and  turning in my room key, I hollered at BeeGee.

“Hey, cuz. We’re coming down. Is the Wahoo  available?”

After Beeg gave us the thumbs-up, Jeff and I packed a few clothes and some snacks, plied our neighbor with wine and chocolate in exchange for three or four days of dog-sitting, and hopped in the Toyota a day earlier, stopping at New Braunfels to visit Jeff’s family and celebrate a birthday. After a restful night at the Rodeway Inn in Three Rivers and a late brunch at McDonald’s, we set out for the last leg of our journey. .

Already, my mind could smell the salty air, even though we were miles away from the first palm tree. Once we crossed the Nueces County line into Corpus Christi,we noted places we wanted to visit on the way home: the aquarium, the USS Lexington, and maybe a seafood restaurant or two on the water.

Yesterday morning, our first full day in blissful Port A, Jeff and I walked on the beach before stopping at Avery’s Kitchen, a friendly restaurant I discovered, last year, for their savory, homemade corned-beef hash and eggs and Belgian waffles. To my surprise, both our server and even Avery,himself, remembered me.

When we returned to the Wahoo, yesterday afternoon, Jeff and I worked on our laptops until around 6:00 p.m. when we attended a wine-and-hors d’oeuvres farewell party for one of Beeg’s friends at the Dome in the Dunes, another one of her roomy rentals.

Counting today, we have maybe one or two more days left. The blowing rain outside makes me thankful for our cozy cottage and inspires me to write, as I came down here to do.

So where do you go to get away from it all? I look Photo: Visiting cousin BeeGee McBrideforward to hearing from you. Stay tuned for my next entry, “Living on Island Time, Part 5: Home from the Wahoo.”



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