MAN ON BOARD,PART III: “Our Wedding, Our Way”


Since Thanksgiving, when Jeff and I met on, our relationship  has broken the sound barrier. In Parts I and II of this series, I have led you from our explosive  chemistry in  “Bada-Bing, Bada-Boom” to “Sometimes You Just Know”, about the moment we realized our meeting was a “God-thing”. In January, we got engaged. Since that first “wink-wink” online, everything about our relationship has fallen into place. Although this marriage is not a first for either of us, it will certainly be the last for both.  That said, Jeff and I have decided to shake things up in “wedding-land”.  Martha Stewart — if you’re reading this post, cover your eyes.  This will be our wedding, our way.

First, instead of printed invitations, we’re using  Facebook to spread our good news. Our friends can RSVP to our event by clicking “going”, “maybe”, or “decline”. For our FOF’s (or, Friends outside Facebook), there is the old Texas “Y’all come” via phone or in person or even email.

Second, no white dress-and-tuxedo for us. In keeping with our Texas/country theme, I plan to walk down the  aisle in my non-white wedding dress and brand-new boots on the arm of my handsome, Western man.  Guests may wear  Stetsons, blue  jeans, and boots, if they choose.  Horses and pickups, also, are welcome.

Next, instead of the white, tiered version,  we’ll serve up slices of sheet cake  the size of a small ranch. Instead of separate bride’s and groom’s cakes, ours will be half-and-half. Cookies or cupcakes will be available for the children. And, because it’s a church wedding, my bridegroom and I will toast each other with sparkling punch, instead of champagne.

Finally, after we toss my garter and bouquet and get ready to skedaddle, well-wishers can mosey outside, scoop up fistfuls of bird seed from a small feed trough, and toss it at us as we dash to our  “limo” — Jeff’s old, Dodge pick-up truck.

We have a list of “to-do’s” before our “I-do’s”. Flowers, wedding pictures, and…oh, yeah…marriage license coming up.

Stay tuned for Part IV, the conclusion of  “Man On Board”.

So, ladies, what does your “dream” wedding look like? If you are already married, what would you change if you could do it all over again?



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