ROLL ‘EM, PART 1: Identity Theft — a “Laugh-A-Minute”?

Identity Thief - coming soon
Identity Thief – coming soon (Photo credit: bubbletea1)


The first theme I assigned my Composition II students was a movie critique. For my ROLL ‘EM section, I chose the three best and asked the students’ permission to post their work on my blog.

First up, Eddie’s review of IDENTITY THIEF will have you lining up at the nearest theater in no time. Who knew stolen identity could be such fun? Take it away, Eddie!


The movie IDENTITY THIEF, is a comedy with a little action in it, as well. This movie does a great job of driving people crazy with laughter. The movie is about a middle-aged man named Sandy living a normal suburban life till he realizes he’s been getting into trouble and losing money due to someone stealing his identity. Sandy, played by Jason Bateman, then decides to chase down his identity thief. This is a quality movie because of its setting, characterizations, and just its overall plot and cinematography.

In the movie, IDENTITY THIEF one of the best things were the characterizations of the different characters. The actress Melissa McCarthy, who played Diana, followed her role completely well. She played someone who appeared to be a sweet, middle-aged woman (the cookies-and-milk type), but, instead, turned out to be a tough, malicious con artist who went around committing crimes. This was a spectacular job on her part, primarily because her role was to bring believability to an unbelievable character, and she did it perfectly. Jason Bateman, who played Sandy Peterson, played his role amazingly, as well. Throughout the movie, he perfectly portrayed a simple, modern-day family man who was way in over his head when he went on a journey with the adventurous and completely opposite Diana. These two personalities and how well they played their roles make this the focal point of the movie.

There was really no single setting in this movie, but a lot of the movie took place in Florida because of the fact that Sandy realized that the person who had stolen his identity was living in Florida. The movie also has a number of other interesting settings. This takes place because of the fact that Sandy captures Diana and tries to take her back to his home town in Colorado to show police who has stolen his identity and allow him to move on with his life. In the midst of that, Sandy finds out that they must really get a move on because Diana has made dealings with thugs who are now on the move to kill them both. Because of the plot, these characters cross many illustrious settings such as Georgia and Missouri.

IDENTITY THIEF had the typical types of cinematography strategies. The movie also had plenty of medium close-up shots, as well as master and establishing shots. This wasn’t primarily an action movie, so the cinematography wasn’t as intense to more so focus on the comedy aspect of the movie, but there were a few quick-lensed camera trick scenes when it came to the gun-shooting and fast-paced speed pursuit scenes.

IDENTITY THIEF is a semi-wholesome comedy for primarily the new generation of late-teens and young adults. The movie’s main interest was showing the reactions of each character when a simple, blue-collar man meets an out-of-this-world, party-hard con artist. This movie has a variety of funny comedy scenes as well as an interesting plot that serves well in this day and age where plots can sometimes come off as outdated. This movie has an amazing selection of recognizable actors who play their roles superbly. IDENTITY THIEF is a film that most will enjoy because of how well the acting and characterization are from the characters, the adventurous, on-the-go settings in the film, as well as the well-thought-out plot and cinematography of the film.

So, folks,. If Eddie sold you, start logging onto Fandango and buy those tickets, now!

Now, those of you who have seen this movie, what were your thoughts?


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