July 12, 2013

I love books. All over my house — in paperback and e-form — are books of many genres: mystery, suspense, fantasy, and even science-fiction. But, about a month ago, if you had asked me if I had read any good zombie thrillers, I’d have looked at you as if you had spinach between your teeth.

“Zombies? Eeeew!”  That’s what I would have said. Back then.

Around the end of June or first week of July, I became intrigued by Dead: The Ugly Beginning, by T.W. Brown. Expecting to stop after the first chapter, I was shocked  to find myself whizzing  into chapters two, three, four, and,  soon, the end of the book. I stayed up at all hours, frying my eyes by the light of my iPad, but powerless to put it down and turn out the light.

“Read Zomblog. That’s good, too,” recommended author Rhonda Hopkins, Director of Kennedale Writers Workshop..

That I am.

Word of caution: don’t read this book right after eating an eight-course dinner, or riding a Six Flags roller-coaster. Your stomach will revolt, and your food will backfire. With all the brain-feeding and bloody, gaping body parts, and dangling entrails, Dead: The Beginning and Zomblog  turn grisly in zero-to-sixty.

Most impressive was the human-ness of his characters. They could be you, me, our kids, our spouses. Even the zombies, including gym trainers, nurses, cheerleaders — had lives, too, before they  “turned”.

Although Brown gives his readers their money’s worth with at least one yucky, creepy zombie on each page, the book is not so much about zombies themselves as it is man’s (and woman’s) discovery that they are capable of survival in even the worst apocalypse imaginable.

English: A zombie
English: A zombie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The take-away? We just never know what we’re made of  until we’re put to the test. Fending off and taking out the “un-dead” with jerry-rigged weapons,  squeezing the most out of the least, and managing, not only to survive but, also, to tell the tale? Now that’s something!

Dead: The Ugly Beginning and Zomblog are only two out of a series. If zombies are your idea of cool, check out all Todd Brown has to offer on Amazon. Tell him Kim sent you.


21 thoughts on “ZOMBIES? WHO KNEW?

  1. Thanks for the mention, Kim! And I just love these books (both series) from Todd Brown. And you’re right. They’re more a study of humanity and all its faults and all its glory. I’ve read them all and am eagerly awaiting the next in each series. 🙂

  2. Great title for this post. You’re absolutely right, too. We never know if we’re going to enjoy a certain type of book, or even a specific book until we toss our preconceptions and turn a few pages.
    I’m a big fan Todd’s, and Rhonda’s, too. You really can’t go wrong with anything they’ve penned.

    1. I have to weigh in and say that Children of the Plague is a fun read and if I had to choose one thing from Greg, that would be it.

      1. Haven’t read it, yet, Todd,but if you say it’s a fun read, then it must be. BTW, I saw WORLD WAR Z, yesterday. Other than watching Brad Pitt throughout the movie (hey, it’s a chick thing ;-), I was a bit let down. Other than the gruesome appearance of the zombies, I didn’t get to hear them cry like babies or disembowel anyone. Your books are waaaay more fun than the movie made from Max Brooks’ novel.

        Just so you know. 😉

        Thanks for the comment. Kim Terry Adjunct Instructor of English Tarrant County College Southeast Campus ESEE 2302A 2100 Southeast Parkway, Arlington, TX 76018-3144 Ofc 817-515-3400 kim.terry@tccd.edu ________________________________________

      2. Whoops! Don’t know what happened, Todd. I was typing away and intending to send when my reply email disappeared. Anyway, I haven’t read Children of the Plague, yet, but I’ll take your word that it’s good. By the way, I saw World War Z, yesterday. Other than watching a shaggy-haired Brad Pitt throughout the movie (hey, it’s a chick thing ;-), I was let down by it, as your books were waaaay more fun! Any movie plans for Dead: The Ugly Beginning in the future? Be sure to let us all know, okay?

        Thanks, also, for the comment. I appreciate it. By the way, after we saw the movie, I told our favorite waiter (the bartender at Macaroni Grill) about your books. Get set for a new fan. Have a great day! Kim

        Kim Terry Adjunct Instructor of English Tarrant County College Southeast Campus ESEE 2302A 2100 Southeast Parkway, Arlington, TX 76018-3144 Ofc 817-515-3400 kim.terry@tccd.edu ________________________________________

      3. Thanks Todd. These are my favorite kinds of reviews, when people who don’t normally read a particular genre try it, and find they like it. I think your stories are particularly prone to this effect.

      4. Kim, I really am speechless (and if you knew me…that is quite a feat). I have always loved writing and dreamed of being able to pull complete strangers into my world and have them feel real emotions when reading the words I put together. These are the days that I feel on top of the world.

  3. Thank you so much for a wonderful post that almost made me blush. It is always rewarding when you can win over somebody who is not in the front row of the zombie train.

      1. :-)) I was at school at the time I was answering both your comment and Todd Brown’s. Something went awry while I was replying to Todd and then popped back up, again. I thought I was still “talking” to him.

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