A credit card, the biggest beneficiary of the ...
A credit card, the biggest beneficiary of the Marquette Bank decision (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

June 27, 2013

They’re everywhere —  story ideas, that is.

It all started when Russet and I found a credit card on the sidewalk.  Around the corner, in a clump of trees,waved a hank of jet-black hair with a white streak.

Uh-oh. Poor guy never had a chance. Must’ve been rolled for his card, scalped and strung up in a tree. I picked up the card and pocketed it, intending to call the owner or at least keep it safe.

Wait till the perp finds out I  gave his stolen bounty back to the unlucky stiff.   * Rubbing hands together * Hee-hee.  That oughta fix his little red wagon.

Yeah, I know — I’m weird. Goes with being a writer.

Just the other day, I found something gold in the grass —  a tube of mascara. Scattered nearby,  a mirrored eyeshadow compact and brushes along with the zippered pouch. Two days later, in the middle of a vacant lot, I found yet another make-up kit.

Now, folks,  I ask you –:would any woman in her right mind let go of her pricey make-up  unless it got knocked out of her hands?  I think not. I’m calling it foul play.

Even my iPod gets me in trouble. On Monday, an Abba song, “Man After Midnight” whispered  another story idea in my ears, causing me to speed-walk home to record it on my laptop. The next day, the synopsis of a romantic fantasy  based on  a 1989 dream I had  formed inside my twisted brain.

Keep in mind, I’m already four-years pregnant with a bouncing-baby WIP —  work-in-progress. I don’t need one more “kid”, just yet.

So, there you have it.  Story ideas are everywhere: on the sidewalks, in vacant lots, hanging from trees, on iPods, in  dreams, drainage ditches….


7 thoughts on “FOUND ON THE ROAD

  1. I once found a phone in the middle of a field next to the ocean while I was on vacation. I noticed it because it started ringing. And yes, I was expecting to find a dead body attached when I went tromping through the tall grass and weeds. It was actually a friend of the owner helping him search for it. I told him I’d turn it in to the local police department and did. Of course, my brain went into overtime thinking of different scenarios and plan to use it in a book one day. 🙂

      1. Yep. Actually my Abba “plot bunny” turned into a mystery/suspense novel br the same name as the song title. After Book 2 in my two-book series comes out, Iintend to get MAM published, as well.

  2. Yeah, it’s weird how story ideas can come out of nowhere. And, it can be a little like dating: when it rains, it pours. I decided to write all my ideas down and keep them in an idea box on my desk. That way when I have time for the next project, I know where to look. It is similar to keeping it on your computer, but somehow the box makes it seem more inspiring to me. 🙂

  3. Love it, Kim! I wonder if other writers also play that “What’s their story?” game with people they see in conversation. You know, man and woman arguing at a restaurant, two kids flirting at the mall, business people making a deal on the street, etc., and you can make up a whole story about their lives on the spot. LOL.

    1. Oh, yeah, Julie! I’m a big people-watcher. They fascinate me, especially seemingly mis-matched couples. ;-))

      Thanks for the comment on my blog. I knocked this one out in the wee hours, this morning. Have a great day! Kim

      Kim Terry Adjunct Instructor of English Tarrant County College Southeast Campus ESEE 2302A 2100 Southeast Parkway, Arlington, TX 76018-3144 Ofc 817-515-3400 ________________________________________

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