MESSY LITTLE SECRET, PART 3: The “Secret” Becomes A Haven


 Since 2006, I’ve meant to turn my office into a hideaway. But after donning a hard-hat and a mask and stepping over piles of stuff, junk, and memorabilia, my willpower weakened.

Nahhhh, I’d say. Not today,

Then, in February, I did an about-face. When bursting bathroom pipes called for new carpet, I chose laminate flooring, instead. Loving the richness of the walnut panels against my cream-colored, leather furniture, I went a step further. I shopped for an area rug.

When I didn’t find what I wanted in the retail stores, I went on There, I found a dark-brown rug with a bold, red-gold-and-cream sunburst pattern. The colors complemented my color scheme perfectly.

Oh, but I was just getting started.

 In a previous post, I mentioned how cool it would be to have a Keurig coffeemaker in my little space.  I loitered in the coffeemaker aisles of Lowe’s and Staples, until sales staff grew suspicious.  But I began to see a problem with this plan – a big one.  For this three-mugs-a-day drinker, replacing those cups would get expensive.

So much for Keurig.  Enjoying the pod-style single-serve coffeemakers in the hotels, I considered that idea until a jaunt to Target wiped that idea out of  my head, too. Not only were they pricey, pods were also hard to find. In fact, even Target was pod-challenged.

When I told my fiancé what I wanted, Von had a better idea.

“Ever seen a French press?”

“Is it animal, vegetable, or mineral?” I quipped.

“Let me show you,” he said, opening my laptop.

On Amazon, he typed “French press coffeemakers” into the search box.

And up she popped — a small, glass coffee-pot with a strainer inside.

“I promise – this kind will ruin you for the regular stuff.”

Point.  Click.  Done.

Oh, but Von had another trick up his sleeve.  Since I planned to make coffee in my office, he suggested a hot-water dispenser.  Yep, you guessed it — Amazon had that, too.

Point, click – well, you know the drill.

 We were leaving Amazon when my heart’s desire – a compact Coca-Cola refrigerator – beckoned me.

            “A fridge upstairs could help me focus,” I admitted. “Still, I’d better sleep on the idea.”

  But, the same night, in my sleep-deprived state, I succumbed.

            Point, click, sold.

            On a roll with online shopping,  I returned to Overstock and found a dark-red storage ottoman for propping my feet. And a Coca-Cola tray on Amazon to hold my coffeemaker and water dispenser.

            Surrounded by new “schtuff”, I had to create space for it.

Into the closet went Daddy’s records.  Away with Von, “dead” laptops. Into the shredder, documents from 1995 and earlier  Yesterday, after sweeping up tiny pieces of paper spewed  by an overworked shredder, I stood back and surveyed the scene. While I still need to straighten and rearrange the bookshelves,  my “Messy Little Secret”  is becoming the haven of my dreams.

Now, all I need is a hot-tub…a margarita machine…a vibrating recliner….

 What about you? What would make your office a haven?



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