ADVANCING TO THE RETREAT: The Westin — Best Campground Ever


Ahhhh….Spring Break, at last! The countdown began on January 14, the first day of school.  Four on-site Freshman Comp classes, a  Distance-Learning class-in-the-works, and  essays out the wahzoo have made me one tired teacher. So, what better way to kick off the first part of the break than a camping trip at the Westin Hotel? Yes, you heard me right. Tents and campfires are highly overrated. And, after all, isn’t it better to hole up in a four-star hotel than to stay home where dirty dishes distract, rumpled laundry lures, and a feisty Finnish Spitz…well…spits?

My past Westin adventure, in August,  led me to Historical Grapevine. However, the plan, this time, was to hang out in my room and bang out my book and even a blog or two. So, after plying my neighbor with  wine,chocolate, and Russet, I grabbed laptop and other high-tech addictions, toothbrush, and  enough  clothing to keep me decent and hit the road.

Hotwire helped. Thanks to their $65-a-night rates, I was able to return to my favorite perch. As if last my August experience was as good as any could get, this time was even better. The nice folks at the Westin did not disappoint.  I had already registered with SPG (“alphabet-soup-speak” for Starwood Preferred Guest) in August. Thanks to Janina, at the front desk, I stayed on a peaceful Starwood-Preferred  floor. And, this time, the fridge was built into the dresser. Soon after I requested a microwave for my popcorn, a young man delivered it within minutes. To complete the better-than-home feeling, there was even an armchair and ottoman. Now, I could write with my feet up. Wasn’t that how all  literary giants churned out their works?

Next, the food. I already knew the cuisine Blue Fire Grille was scrumptious.  The Texas Dip, their spin on the French Dip, surpassed mere deliciousness. Prime rib stacked high and thick on a toasted roll and served with au jus and homemade potato chips with chipotle ranch dip and washed down with Merlot that Liam delivered to my table had me doing my shopping-cart dance in no time.

Tomorrow, I will pack up and say “See-you-later” to Janina and Lisa at the front desk and Liam at Blue Fire Grille. Shoot, I might even swing by Grapevine to buy my neighbor an extra gift and say “Hi” to the locals. Either way, I have proven to myself that the DFW Airport Westin  is my favorite campground, ever.


3 thoughts on “ADVANCING TO THE RETREAT: The Westin — Best Campground Ever

  1. Oh, I’ve been considering that exact thing! I’ve thought, “Maybe I should book a cabin and finish this novel.” But I like hotels! Sounds just lovely. Glad you got to enjoy that.

    1. I did get spoiled by it, Julie. ;-)) For three glorious days, I had nothing more on my agenda than to write,write, write. Will be tough going back to teach the last eight weeks.

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