ADVANCING TO THE RETREAT, Part 3: Sampling “The Best” of Sheraton

Sheraton Hotel, Irving, Tx - home of the 26th ...
Sheraton Hotel, Irving, Tx – home of the 26th annual Texas Steel Guitar Association Jamboree (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It’s that time of year, again. Feeling spring semester’s breath hot on my neck, I have been flirting with the idea of  a last-minute  writing retreat/”vacay”. So, as a Christmas gift to self, I went on Hotwire, narrowed my search to four-star hotels in DFW and up she popped: $61/night at theSheraton Hotel DFW Airport, in Irving, Texas. Calling the experience merely “pleasant” would be a gross injustice. The Sheraton’s convenient location, obliging staff, spacious but cozy room, level of security, and access to the Club have turned me into one  four-star happy camper.

First, location, location, location. After I got all turned around while looking for the Westin Hotel, last August, I expected the same hassle, if not worse, with finding the Sheraton. After all, the Google maps app usually leads me to California by way of Illinois.  Remembering my frustration in looking for the Westin, last August, I headed north on Highway 360 to 121 to 114 East. When I exited at  Esters Boulevard — BOOM– there stood the Sheraton, on my left. Within seconds, I pulled into the parking lot, sanity still intact.. Total time  between Points A and B: thirty minutes with no “goof-ups”  turn-arounds. Not too shabby, huh?

When I revolved into the lobby, John ( front desk clerk) and Martin ( valet) greeted me as though I were visiting royalty. Besides for upgrading my stay to include Club access, John offered me the latest Tuesday checkout time, 2:00 p.m. Traveling fairly light, this time, I still had more “schtuff” than I could carry in, so Martin loaded my backpack, computer bag, and travel kit onto a valet cart and delivered it to my spacious room.

When I returned to my room to write the night away, I began my relaxing evening with a hot, luxurious shower and, afterwards, wrapped up in a thirsty terry-cloth robe, furnished by the hotel. After my brain hit a wall, I collapsed into. the  signature “Sweet Sleeper” king-sized bed. Within minutes, I was down for the count.  This morning, before breakfast, I fixed myself a perfect cup of steaming coffee from the single-cup coffee-maker.

Sheraton issues card-keys not only for entering rooms, but also for riding the elevator up  to  guest-room floors. I learned  that the hard way, yesterday, when I stepped onto the elevator going up. And waited. And waited. *twiddling thumbs*. I was about to report a malfunction when a woman from Housekeeping showed me how to scan my card and punch in my floor number  Before I knew it, my ears popped and  ding!  I was “home”.

While access to the Club is normally restricted to guests with platinum membership, I have been able to take advantage of its privileges. Yesterday, after settling in and spritzing up, I toted my laptop to the twelfth floor where the Club’s gracious host, Harriet, offered me a Coke while I awaited time for the appetizers.  Usually eating light at night, anyway, I found the appetizers — flautas, chips and salsa, and sliced tomatoes with provolone cheese — a perfect evening meal. This morning, I enjoyed a breakfast of fluffy scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon,  and an English muffin with orange marmalade. Tonight’s menu: quartered ham-and-cheese sandwiches, sea-salt potato chips, an assortment of cheeses and fresh fruit. The Club also offers wine, beer, sodas, and that all-time quencher, water, at no cost to Club members.

Sad to say, tomorrow is my last day here at the Sheraton, but it will not be good-bye forever. There’s always Spring Break, next summer, Christmas vacation….maybe, some day, a honeymoon?

Coming up in the next entry: my return to Historical Grapevine.

Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “ADVANCING TO THE RETREAT, Part 3: Sampling “The Best” of Sheraton

  1. Glad your mini-vaca was a success Kim! Nothing worse than arriving at your destination to face a nightmare. That kinda takes the joy out of the whole idea of Vacation! This one sounded lovely. Ah, to be pampered. Well, somebody has to live it. It might as well be you, right? 🙂

  2. Yes, it was most definitely a sucess! This Hotwire thing is becoming a habit! ;-)) I just knew that, for a four-star hotel, the $61/night rates couldn’t be beat. You can’t stay in a Motel 6 that cheaply anymore, I don’t think.

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