“ON MY HONOR…”: Making Good on 2013 Goals

Keurig. (Photo credit: suendercafe)


Darn!  Just as I got used to writing “2012” on my checks; here comes 2013! Not complaining, though.  I was mighty thankful to wake up sunny-side of the daisies after all the Mayan-calendar hoo-rah (including “End-of-the-World sales” on the Internet, retail stores and restaurants). God continues to bless me with family (including my amazing fiance, Von, and my canine-American baby-girl, Russet; good health and Medicare; the prospect of teaching college English online; progress on my WIPs,  By Her Daughter’s Hands and  Suffer The Little Childrenand you, my awesome blog and web site visitors.

To sum it up, the year 2012 has been exacting but exciting.

On to 2013. Two days ago, I recently read a Facebook  post about setting New Year‘s goals. Yes, goals, not resolutions. As ,with diets, resolutions are often doomed to failure. On January 2, (not New Year’s Day, when I’m sipping  mimosas, grazing on ham and black-eyed peas, wiping out holiday goodies “once and for all”, and suffering carb-overload), I forge ahead,  guns a-blasting.  By exorcising my fridge and pantry of “evil” cookies and chips and stocking up on celery and spinach. Returning to the gym in “inspirational” workout togs two sizes too small. Scheduling my students to write at least six research papers.

In short, straining both body and brain in making good on promises grown flabby by February.

So, why  should I make resolutions I’ll never keep? Instead, when I hang the new 2013 Yoga Dogs calendar Von gave me for Christmas, I’ll  mark it off with five reasonable goals, in order of importance:

#5: Turn  home-office into a writer’s/teacher’s haven, complete with recliner, small fridge for bottled water, and a Keurig coffee-maker. (Photo above.)

#4: Conquer plot structure and the “Big-Boss Troublemaker” (that Kristen Lamb talks about) once and for all.

.#3: Bang out at least 1000-2000 words (5-10 pages) a week on my WIPs (when I’m not busy grading students’ 1,000-word/five-page essays)

#2: Lose at least five pounds a month with portion-control and exercise.

and (drum roll, please)

#1: Stay in touch with family and friends, including those south of the Digital Divide. After all, they’re my greatest treasures.

Now, gentle readers, it’s your turn. What do you aim to accomplish during 2013?


4 thoughts on ““ON MY HONOR…”: Making Good on 2013 Goals

  1. Hi Kim, I made it! Thanks for the help. I am all over the Keurig coffee maker in the office. And I am with you on the resolution thing. Resolutions never work. I like the term goals better. And they don’t have to be big goals either. Just one step forward at a time. Attainable goals. Yours seem to be just that, attainable. So looking forward to getting to know you this year! Welcome to Wana1011. It’s a great group of supportive writers. Take care! 🙂

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