HUMOROUS HOW-TO’S, Part 6: What To Do With The Sock That Didn’t Go to Sock-Heaven

The Sock Puppet Star
The Sock Puppet Star (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So, thanks to Dustin, I know what I can do if I really get bored:


When doing laundry, do you ever find yourself with an extra sock? Well, I have a solution for using the lone sock and curing boredom along with it. I’m going to teach you how to make a sock puppet.

First, you need that sock that lost its sock counterpart along the way, but make sure it’s clean. Nobody wants smelly feet on their hand. Then, you’re going to need buttons and glue. With the button, get creative. The bland black ones are so goring. Then you will need a marker, red or black will suffice. Last but not least, you’ll need your hand, pick out the strongest hand because your hand will get tired based on how bored you are and if you’re making a sock puppet you’re obviously very bored.

Now constructing it is the hardest part. First you take your buttons and generously apply glue to them, watch for your fingers, if you get glue on your fingers and it dries that is no fun for anyone. Place the buttons on the heel of the sock. Now after that is dry place your hand in the sock and close it where the mouth is going to be. Now where your hand is closed color all that area with the marker again don’t make a mess, if you get marker on your hand and then accidentally touch your face everyone will make fun of you. Now it’s complete.

Now that your puppet is complete its time to play. You can give your puppet an accent like English or French. Those are always fun. And now that you have a sock puppet that opens a whole new opportunity for careers. You can do events, birthday parties and bachelorette parties. You could easily make three figures being a sock puppet master. And now that the fun is over you need to store your new best friend. You should probably throw it away because if you are attached to a sock puppet that is terrible. I mean, really? A sock puppet? Get rid of it!

In conclusion sock puppets are easy to make, they are pretty awesome to play with, but they are pretty muck useless, but since the dryer decides to eat random socks, it is something to think about.


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