Victoria's Secret Black Friday at Westfield Sa...
Victoria’s Secret Black Friday at Westfield San Francisco Centre 2009 (Photo credit: Steve Rhodes)


For any of you ladies looking to “get your sexy on”, take a tip or two from Trang:

How to be Sexy in the Bedroom!

          Have you lost the spicy in the bedroom? Do your techniques not only bore you, but leave your man wanting less instead of more? If so, I have an easy to follow “how to get your sexy back” solution. Every girl wants to treat their man like the God he is; whether it’s staying appealing to his eyes, cooking a naughty dinner, or playing out all his fantasies. 

          In order for you to be sexy, you have to feel sexy. I suggest you sign up for a gym membership and use it, often! A girl doesn’t have to be a size 0 to be sexy, unless that’s what your man is after. If that’s the case, you better drop this paper and get to it. After you are at the shape of his liking, you should keep up the regimen. Don’t slack off just because you had a few good nights with him. Easy to gain, hard to lose; don’t waste all your energy on the gym. You want the nights to continue, forever. It will also help to be in shape for my next step.

          Women like to cook, men like to eat. What better way to combine dinner and sexy time then by eating off each other? You can start off with sexy foods only, such as chocolate fondue or strawberries with whipped cream. Little snacks to start off with as an amateur. As you get better, you can expand the menu. Oysters have been a known aphrodisiac; make sure you don’t place them where it can hurt if it puts up a fight! I have heard some women making fried chicken and using that as a starter; just make sure the grease still isn’t too hot. Food is expanse and imaginative. This is also where being in shape comes into play; you wouldn’t want crumbs or chocolate stuck in places or lost somewhere in your body!

          When food has lost its interest, ask your man what his fantasies are. Many men have fantasies that they are shy to open up about it or scared you might be too much of a prude to consider. Believe that the bedroom is a sacred, safe zone. Believe in yourself. You can start off by simply dressing up; lingerie is a good gateway for more intense role-plays. If he still is too shy to share, take the initiative. Be a naughty nurse who needs to take his vitals, Bella after her marriage with Edward, and even a superhero. The characters are endless. Once you take the initiative, he will see that you are serious and open up all his dreams and desires. This is not only make your sexy time better, but it’ll bring you two closer.

          If you’ve done these three easy steps, it will be hard for your man to ever leave a woman as sexual as you. Think of all the women that complain about not finding the right man. Once you found your prince charming, you must use all your resources to keep that good man! No matter what it takes, even if it is disturbing and raunchy; don’t let another good man slip through your fingers just because you cannot handle his sexual needs. If he isn’t getting what he needs at home, he will go elsewhere. Believe in your capabilities; if all else fails, close your eyes and go to your happy pl


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