HUMOROUS HOW-TO’S, PART 3: Kevin’s Tips for “Cooking Up a Great Restaurant”

Chicken Suit
Chicken Suit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Okay, all you hospitality-management hopefuls. My student, Kevin, has some tips for you.


Tens of thousands of Americans eat out every night making the restaurant business one of the most lucrative industries in the nation, so where is your piece of the pie? Maybe your restaurant is failing due to poor work ethic from your employees? Or is it from lack of proper training? The restaurant industry is a very fickle business, if you’re not moving your company forward, then you’re falling behind. Customer service is the key to prosperity and longevity in the restaurant industry. Choosing and properly training employees will lead you to the “promise land” and make your business run smoothly and effortlessly.

The hiring process is one of the more crucial steps to having a successful business. Follow these sure fire steps when hiring potential employees:

* When interviewing potential employees don’t worry about their clothing, after all you will put them in a uniform. The “chicken suit” is very comfortable.

* If an applicant doesn’ t speak English, that’s fine. You can blame serving customers the wrong food on the language barrier, when in truth, you ran out of the requested item.

* Don’t look for people with previous work history or you will just spend most of your time breaking their bad habits, and you’ll waste your time checking their references.

* If the applicant is eager to work I would pass on them, you don’t want them to make you look bad when you’re  sitting around just playing Words With Friends on your phone.

* Now once you’ve hired your employees, how do you make sure they are trained properly?

The training process should be short and sweet. You don’t want to confuse anybody when they’ve just started. You should not waste time making an employee handbook. After all, you’re the boss, what you say, should go. Keep your training vague, and let the new employees fill in the blanks. That way you can change your mind at will. You don’t want them to be able to blame you for their mistakes whenever a customer has a problem. Have your new employees find training tips for their jobs online; they can find anything on the internet now a days, so why should you tell them how to do it? Now they should be ready to serve customers, but what if problems arise?

Dealing with disgruntled customers is an everyday thing in the restaurant industry, so you will want to create some type of barrier between you and them. The best way to do this is to give one of your employees an erroneous job title like “shift manager”. This will make them feel more important and give you a scape goat should any problems arise. Another great way to deal with complaints is a “suggestion box”, but often times these fill up quickly. You should just  have the cards funnel into a trash can on the other side of the wall. It’s said that “the customer is always right” is a good principle for business, well what if I don’t care whether the customer is right? Don’t give away anything. If they’re trying to get something for free then you didn’t want them as a customer anyway. There’s always more where they came from.

Make sure that your future employees have lots of potential, but not drive because you don’t want them to think they could do better somewhere else. Be sure they get the proper training and work attire so that the work runs smoothly. The key to the success of your business lies within the hands of your employees. So, you should make them wash their hands every once in awhile, but not too often, you don’t want to waste water. Follow these simple guidelines and I will see you in the Forbes 500 in no time.


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