FATHER’S DAY: a homecoming

They’ll all be there….

Relatives flown in
from all four corners of the earth
will await our arrival
on this Father’s Day celebration.

Although we never met in this life,
we will welcome each other in the next
with arms outspread.
Tears of joy will flow
at the sight of sweet, familiar faces
of family and friends
among the crowd.

Kin of every tongue, tribe, and nation
who obeyed Your commands
will share a universal tongue.

And there we’ll be…children in crimson-covered robes
of white
honoring our Father,
feasting at His table,
and quenching our thirst
with His Living Water.

At this family reunion,
everyone is welcome
when God’s family
comes Home.

** Kim K. Terry **

Published in Christian Bible Teacher, September 2000.


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