April 29, 2011

3:00 a.m.

Although I do read People  and can spot Brad and Angelina at fifty paces, I don’t do royalty. You know — kings, queens, princes, and princesses — people like that.  So, when all the hoo-rah broke out about Will and Kate’s  wedding, I had resolved that I was not going to be umbilically- joined to the t.v. for the occasion.

Now, look at me, in my recliner, at dark-thirty, flying to London via Air NBC. From my big-screen t.v., I have a ring-side seat to the whole royal shindig: Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. I get to gander Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, the Queen of England, and a whole lot of little ladies carrying their handbags and wearing  funny-looking hats .

Let’s face it. There’s just something about these “kiddos”, Will and Kate, that draws me in, in spite of myself.  They’re wholesome, clean-cut. Well, heck, they could be any one of my college students!

Yes, I, same as  everyone else,  happen to have a life: classes to teach and essays to grade, a book to write and a blog to maintain, and a dog to walk.

So call me curious. Being someone’s fiancee, myself, I love weddings and the  chick-y trappings that go along with them — the heirloom sapphire engagement ring, the simple-but-stunning wedding dress and veil, and the tiara –that “something borrowed” —  loaned to her by new grandmother-in-law, Her Majesty, the Queen.

As with other brides, Kate, face aglow, walks down the aisle with her father who gives her in marriage to a handsome young man in uniform. A scene that happens every day, right?

Yeah, but with one exception,  and it’s a huge one. Kate Middleton,  once a private citizen and the daughter of a middle-class family, is no longer private. Once a commoner, she is now the uncommon bride of Prince William, future King of England. Unlike most brides who, at most, have to adjust to being called by their new names, Kate also has other new titles besides that of Mrs. Prince William. She’s now Princess Katherine. Duchess of Cambridge.

Oh, but hold on. There’s  more. As I watch Will and Kate interact with each other, I can’t help noticing how connected and how much in love they are.  Her eyes sparkle when she looks at him. He smiles back at her. True connectedness is hard to fake, especially to millions of television viewers who can actually see their faces.

So, even though waking up before 5:00 on a work day is generally against my religion, I’m glad I  got to see it all unfold. I believe that this couple can not only make their marriage work, but that they can also give a centuries’-old word, royalty, a fresh new face.




  1. Your personal style is very easy to read. You readily describe the daily shifts between thoughts and deeds. Your form of editorial is endearing.

  2. I hope Wills and Kate kick off a new era of weddings where relationship is more important that ritual. I’m tired of nupitual extravaganzas where the planning lasts longer than the marriage. I’m also hoping Kate’s dress will render strapless wedding gowns passe. Note to all brides, though your intended is intrested in viewing your anatomy, the rest of us are not.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jane. Yeah, I’m kind of tapped out on the whole strapless-wedding gown thing, too. Kate’s was so refreshingly simple and modest.

      I do hope their relationship lasts longer than Will’s mom and dad’s did. Something tells me that Will and Kate are a true love match.

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