BLOGGING 101: braving the digital frontier

Once upon a time, I believed blogging was simply keeping a journal on my computer, Internet or no.

But that was back in the Dark Ages. Way back in the twentieth century.

Then, on the weekend of February 25-27, I was set ablaze with blog fever  and haven’t cooled down, yet. Nor do I want to.

It all began with DFW Writers Conference and Kristen Lamb’s presentation on blogging my brand. Building my digital platform. As I have been writing a novel for  two-plus years, I quivered with excitement when she told us that blogging could give  target readers  a taste of our writing style and place our names front and center in their brains before our books even hit bookstore shelves.

So, on the first  day of Spring Break,  I pulled out the first to-do that spilled out of a grab-bag of projects I’d saved for my week off,  opened my laptop, and  established a blog on WordPress, a site I had found in Writer’s Digest.

Her word to the wise: post entries regularly so  readers will begin to look for them. So, I set Mondays for writing-related topics, Wednesdays for care-giving and recovery, and Fridays for memories, an umbrella under which a crowd of sub-topics — priceless moments with my parents, children, and grandchildren, memorable trips, even unforgettable pets — can huddle.

Her word of caution? Don’t make the blog about our books.  Hmmmm…now, that’s a hard one, as By Her Daughter’s Hands is in my blood. I’ve channeled and communed with Karen and Cliff, Sybil, Jackie, Earl and Burrneece, Damon, Uncle Bo, and, of course, Kitty.

Likewise, she said, don’t center our blogs around our characters. So, I will refrain from writing about  Karen, the overwhelmed travel writer whose life erupts minutes before she leaves for her honeymoon in Barcelona, or the edgy and enigmatic Kitty who tips with $100 bills.  Or Sybil, 1950’s Silver-Screen star ravaged by Alzheimer’s. And certainly not Jackie, local investigative reporter who fortresses herself by her marriage to her attorney husband, and the many awards displayed in the mansion where she lives.

As I continue to read  We Are Not Alone: The Writer’s Guide to Social Media, and Lamb’s blog entries, I realize I still have a lot to learn.  Still, the whole experience reminds me of the days when I used to run in Race for The Cure. Even though I was huffing and puffing to keep up with those ahead of me, I had only to look behind, at the sea of runners in pink, to appreciate how far I have already come.


2 thoughts on “BLOGGING 101: braving the digital frontier

  1. Thanks, Jane. I’ve been drafting this entry for about a week. It finally came together, last night.

    Lucky break at school: classes cancelled til 4, today, because the a/c was down. Glad we weren’t forced to teach, anyway!

    Have a great one!

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