Another woman once wore my face,

trying on my many moods —

gray crepe,

denim blue,

feathered fuchsia–

searching her mirror for the nod of my head.

Many thought we were one and the same.

But this woman –desperate and diseased —

operated my body recklessly

and without license,

swerving around commitment,

colliding with those who cared.

In an effort to steer her to safety, I seized the wheel,

but she was set on living her way

even if it meant dying in mine.

Airborne and wheels whirring,

she and I careened toward destruction

until You stepped out, forgiving arms opened wide.

There, in front of that brick wall — our tombstone —

You gently enfolded both of us —

healing our bodies, minds, and souls.

Now, she and I are truly one and the same —

in You.

(Published in Christian Bible Teacher)

** Kim Kathleen Terry **


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