Last night, a mighty bird swooped down

and built a nest within my healing brain.

Before she flapped majestic wings in flight,

she nestled hope-filled eggs

to bring forth new-old knowledge.

Once these timid birds huddled,


in their nest,

bullied by a lone, black vulture

with burgeoning weight

and baleful eyes.

But, now, at last, the raptor,


has tumbled from his lofty perch,

cut down by one sharp shot

from a skillful hunter’s rifle.

The tree becomes, again, a leafy haven,

home to fledgling sparrows —

newborn ideas —

triumphant eagles.

(Written after successful brain surgery on November 2, 1995. This poem is dedicated to Drs. William Gulledge and Warren Wilson, and the rest of my devoted Harris Methodist Hospital health team.)

** Kim Kathleen Terry **

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