Same Name, Different Face

Have you Facebook and Twitter users  ever happened upon others with your name? Scary, isn’t it?  A few minutes ago, while posting links to other sites with my profile, I met my clone.

While it is possible that someone out there also answers to your name, it is a startling experience. I have always thought my first and last names — two first names strung together– have been unusual. It’s a show biz name. A pseudonym waiting to happen. Then, years ago, when I was subbing for a drama teacher, a young lady came up and asked for a hall pass to the restroom.

I heaved a sigh and rolled my eyes, implying that I was making one gigantic exception in her favor.

“What’s your name?” I asked, pen poised.

She told me.

“I don’t think I heard you. Can you spell that for me?”

This time, she was the eye-roller.

No! You can’t have my name, I felt like protesting, like a two-year-old clutching a toy. It’s mine!

Well, it  happened again.  Still, I prefer to think I’m the original article. The namesake of everyone else.

Yeah, right.  🙂


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