Hello, Everyone!

Hello, everyone! Well, here I was, thinking I was becoming tech-savvy. Then, it took me a handful of attempts coming up with an acceptable blog address and user name.

Now, here I sit, glass of Riesling and Ghirardelli dark-chocolate pieces by my side, finally in the zone.

After a writer’s conference, I learned many tips of the trade, including the need to blog and establish a web site of my own.

Let me introduce myself. I’m a college English professor who has had my poetry published and am finishing a novel, By Her Daughter’s Hands, a work of contemporary women’s fiction with elements of psychological suspense and a surprise ending.

The setting: Fort Worth, Texas, in September 2001.

Five women….

Sybil, 1950’s star remembered as Therese, in Wilted Roses finds that Life has cast her in a new role, one that challenges her every breath. Her secret is one she vows to carry to her grave until….

Karen’s secret, one of which even she has no clue. She has spent most of her life believing she was her parents’ only child until….

Rona, no stranger to desertion, dead-end situations, and death, until….

Jackie, prominent investigative reporter, fortresses herself with awards won for her reports, her handsome attorney-husband, and every high-dollar possession money can buy until….

Kitty, edgy and enigmatic woman about town, pays with $100 bills and leaves no paper trail until….

Five women, one compelling connection.

So, how did I get my idea? It all began with an email from my cousin and a link to Laughing Gull Writers Workshop, in Port Aransas, Texas. To paraphrase her words: “Hey, cuz, this isn’t my cup of tea, but it has your name all over it.”

After making the flight arrangements and workshop reservations, I hopped an American Eagle flight down to Corpus Christi, where Beeg picked me up and drove me back to Port Aransas for a long-overdue visit and a special reception as the guest of honor, with her Island friends attending.

The next day, I spent attending sessions on different genres, including mystery/suspense. Well, it was love at first write. For the rest of the day, I devoured every mystery session I could get my hands on, including a special session to be held at a beachfront condo, that evening. Picture it: several of us discussing the deadliest caliber of bullets, the fastest acting poison to bump someone off in the presence of horrified condo residents sharing the elevator space on the way down to the basement. We were all on our way to Murder 101, a presentation of murder methods, including reports from police, private investigators, and doctors.

Still, I had no clue about my topic. That is, until I was comfortably buckled in for my flight back to DFW Airport. Having been my mother’s caregiver for the last years of her life, I started letting my brain roam. We had been blessed with capable medical help and a strong support system.

Ah, but what if? What if some sinister force, some evil identity, guided the daughter’s hands and mind?

A little over two years later, I no longer have fingers and toes left to count the number of versions and revisions to the story.

So, what can you expect from my blogs? Who knows? A shake of this and a dash of that. Travel, teaching, relationships, life in general, to name a few.

Right now, I’m basking in the glow of having finished my first blog. Life is good.


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